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After over a decade of experience creating costume pieces for body painting competitions and puppets, I trained in Brazilian Carnival costume construction. As Artistic Director of Bath Carnival, my focus is creation of new (often VERY large) showstopper pieces, multiple section costumes to be used en masse, and conservation of the traditional costumes we have in stock (preserving feathers etc to prevent the need to buy more). ​In this role I also deliver a community workshops to over 500 participants per yer, manage performer and artist recruitment, materials sourcing, studio management and act as costume supervisor and sight manager on the day. 

Carnival Costumes made for Bath Carnival.jpeg


Outside of Carnival I create costumes for a variety of walk-about acts, circus performers, dancers, and also create and design for stage and screen. 

Calevera Costumes Created for Dia De Los Muertos.jpeg
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