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Puppet Making

I have been creating large-scale puppets for parades for almost a decade, but in 2021 I took my learning a step further, training with Nick Barnes.

BATARI the life-sized Asian Elephant was my biggest solo project by far. Puppeteered by up to five professionals at once, she walks around independently moving her legs, ears and trunk; creating elephant sounds and squirting water. In under two months, BATARI has gained over 5 million fans on social media; raising awareness of the issues facing Asian elephants.

More recently, I have undertaken smaller puppet jobs to apply my approach in rod and tabletop scale- some of these puppets even going on to win awards. Puppet creation has become my passion, combining all of my art forms in the most rewarding way.

2023 Credits:

Puppetry Design Associate and Maker - Arabian Nights, Bristol Old Vic

Puppet Supervisor - The Book Thief Musical - DEM Productions

Puppet Maker - Pigs Might Fly DEM Productions

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